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Advance Level SMO Training In Jaipur

Social Media Optimization in digital marketing holds quite a significant place as it utilizes working on something that we use on a daily basis, surfing through different social media platforms. As the best SMO company in Jaipur, we call you to get enrolled in our Advance SMO Training and monetize the time that you spend using social media. Our Advance SMO Training is specially designed to introduce you to the algorithms of the most known social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, etc., and optimize them in a manner that generates maximum results for you and your clients. With a 100% practical approach, Clever Ape assures that at the end of this Advance SMO Training, you master Social Media Optimization in digital marketing.

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What is it about?

Digital Marketing majorly involves working on two different dimensions of the virtual world, search, and social media. Under this working on social media includes SMO and SMM. Being a significant dimension of marketing on digital platforms, Social Media Optimization is all about leveraging different social media platforms to generate organic traffic.

Scope in SMO

Can you imagine your life without having at least one social media platform? No, right. Because the intervention of social media in our daily lives is not just a desire to be fulfilled but a need to be taken care of. 

Social Media Optimization Course Module

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Creating a USP
  • Finding your audience on the Internet
  • Creating buyer persona
  • Assignment, test, and quiz
  • Identifying your competitors
  • Analyzing your competitors’ status
  • Performing market research through online surveys
  • Assignment, test, and quiz
  • History and background of social media
  • Relationship between SEO and SMO
  • How to build a social media strategy
  • Studying the social media strategy of big brands
  • Choosing a business of your choice to study the rest of the course
  • Assignment, test, and quiz
  • Setting up an account and its properties
  • Setting up a business page
  • Competitor analysis
  • Increasing Facebook Fans
  • Different options for the page management
  • Posts, statistics, and metrics
  • Facebook business manager
  • Building a community with Facebook groups
  • Assignment, test, and quiz
  • What is Quora and what are its benefits, guidelines, policies
  • Following contacts and topics
  • Writing on Quora
  • Engaging with users and Quora Engagement Metrics
  • Quora analytics
  • Quora Business Page
  • Different campaigns on Quora
  • Building reports and their analysis
  • Assignment, test, and quiz
  • Introduction to Twitter
  • Graphic designing for Twitter
  • Different types of posts and building the strategy of your own post
  • Using hashtags and identifying trending hashtags
  • Twitter analytics and engagement metrics
  • Choosing a target audience
  • Strategy for remarketing
  • Analyzing reports
  • Assignment, test, and quiz
  • Instagram and its statistics
  • Studying the use of Instagram by big brands
  • App tour and popular topics
  • Types of content and content strategy
  • Designing a post for Instagram
  • Using IG Tv, stories, and hashtags for engagement
  • Building reports and their analysis
  • Assignment, test, and quiz
  • Introduction to video marketing and its statistics
  • YouTube Channel – a guide to creating and customizing
  • Strategy for Video Marketing
  • Case studies of viral videos
  • Different video posts and creating a YouTube video
  • Engagement Metrics for YouTube
  • End screens and cards
  • Playlists, scams, and copyrights
  • YouTube Creator Studio
  • Plugins, tools, and statistical analysis
  • Assignment, test, and quiz
  • Introduction to LinkedIn and its benefits
  • LinkedIn profile – creation and optimization
  • Skills, endorsements, and recommendations
  • Connections, contact, and groups
  • Finding jobs on LinkedIn
  • Everything about LinkedIn Company Page
  • Building reports and their analysis
  • Assignment, test, and quiz

Digital Marketing Programs Offered At Clever Ape



>> Class Duration: 1 Hour

>> Course Duration: 1 month



Social Media Optimization

>> Class Duration: 1 Hour

>> Course Duration: 1 month



Search Engine Marketing

>> Class Duration: 1 Hour

>> Course Duration: 1 month



Social Media Marketing

>> Class Duration: 1 Hour

>> Course Duration: 1 month

What is Social Media Optimization?

Understand it this way: after getting off from your work at night, you are just having some personal time, lying in bed, doing nothing but scrolling your social media feed, and at that odd hour, you see an attractive laptop bag. You click on the website, scroll through other variants, and maybe add some to the wish list or do any sort of activity. This process took place because of the social media strategy of the brand. A typical SMO strategy involves the promotion of goods and services on social media platforms, maximizing interaction with the audience, and understanding the audience behavior on different platforms, and all that, without paying anything.

With the help of this Advance SMO Training, you will become a master of not just one, but almost all the social media platforms and learn to leverage the use of social media to earn a handsome amount of money.

What is the need for SMO and why is it so important?

Can you imagine your life without having at least one social media platform? No, right. Because the intervention of social media in our daily lives is not just a desire to be fulfilled but a need to be taken care of. In the context of businesses, leveraging social media is very important because:

  • It helps in building internet authority along with a strong web presence, brand visibility, and branding, which is otherwise not possible. Our Advance SMO Training is based on creating a mock business model and then doing its branding on social media platforms.
  • It helps in cutting down the slack and reaching the niche audience without wasting time. SMO helps in positioning the brand to the customers in its own unique ways and the increased point of contact also makes it easier for the customers to reach one out. With the help of this Advance SMO Training, you will be able to identify and target the audience that you aim to serve.
  • Traffic generation, on both local and global levels, is one of the most incredible benefits that SMO provides to its users, that too without any major investment. Also, the more traffic, the more the need for SMO experts rise for businesses and our SMO Training prepares you for that.
  • Primarily used for creating buzz and branding, social media platforms are now also being used for lead generation. The Advance SMO Training by Clever Ape not only teaches you SMO but also emphasizes how you can generate and handle your leads.
  • SMO holds a close relationship with SEO and SEM as search engines have now started gathering data from social media platforms. Our Advance SMO Training also taps your ability to collaborate and work in teams with the help of team projects.

Why you should learn Advance SMO Course from Clever Ape?

  • SMO is not just about uploading content, putting captions, and replying to DMs, rather, it requires one to be a strategic planner who is able to develop a highly effective strategy, monitor the results, and accommodate the changes accordingly. Such skills can only be developed with the help of experts. The Advance SMO Training by Clever Ape involves working with expert mentors who have years of experience in the industry.
  • Social media is much more than we know when using it personally. When we start utilizing it for the purpose of business, there are many features, tools, and algorithms that require unfolding. Additionally, a clear understanding of the basics of social media, effective activities, and the relationship between SEO, SEM, SMM, and SMO, all at once can be overwhelming for beginners. Our expert trainers aim to build these basics and then only move towards the advanced level in this Advance SMO Training.
  • SMO is not just about the implementation of a strategy but at the same time, also involves high-level analysis of the results, monitoring the growth, and altering the required changes. Such analytical skills can only be developed when you work on live projects before diving into the real business and our Advance SMO Training aims to train you for the same. Being a well-known SMO Company in Jaipur, our Advance SMO Training will help you unlock the following career opportunities:
    • Land a high-paying job in any domestic or multi-national company.
    • Provide freelance SMO services or open your own SMO-based service business.
    • Become a trainer and teach your students online or offline. You can join it as a job or become an entrepreneur in the same.
    • Imply the tactics learned from this Advance SMO Training to your own business venture and generate more sales.
    • Lastly, become a social media influencer and manage your social media handles like a pro.


We have mentioned some common and frequently asked questions below to clear your porential doubts if any. However, if you still have any query, feel free to reach us out through our contact details and we will be more than happy to help you.

The SMO specialists are the experts who handle the social media handles of numerous clients and execute their social media marketing strategy. It is primarily driving organic results through social media.

The job in the Social Media Optimization domain is generally managing and growing the online presence of a business and simultaneously working to acquire more leads and traffic without having to run any paid campaigns.

SMO helps in:

  • Building online presence
  • Helps in connecting and interacting with the audience
  • Expanding brand awareness
  • Extending reach
  • Generating quality leads

Increasing the number of Point of Sales

Give a particular chunk of your day to analyze some of the most popular social media handles and the strategy, content, and behavior they have on different platforms. Also, keep studying popular articles in this domain.

Meanwhile, get enrolled in a certification SMO course to make yourself accredited to provide SMO services.

The Advance SMO Training Course by Clever Ape is the best structured and beginner-friendly SMO Course in Jaipur.

In this Advance SMO Training, we will cover the following modules:

  • What is marketing?
  • Competitor analysis and market research
  • Introducing social media
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Freelancing is definitely a reliable source of income if you don’t want to stay bound to 9-to-5 but still generate a similar amount. It provides you flexibility and the ability to work on multiple projects.

SEO and SMO work hand in hand for the digital marketing of a brand as while SEO helps in ranking the website, SMO contributes to reliability and trust through social media handles.

In this SMO Training, you are taught to leverage social media for:

  • Generating leads
  • Attracting customers
  • Build trust, reliability, and relationship among the audience
  • Build online presence

Get customer feedback

The online presence of a brand has become an unavoidable part of today’s customers’ purchasing journey. Not having a social media strategy in place can put a business at unimaginable risk.

Digital Marketing Course Highlights

Practical-Driven Digital Marketing Course

The Advance Digital Marketing course by Clever Ape has helped its students to get placed with the top companies.

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